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We take pride in our innovations and we constantly strive to develop and modernize our products. Our development runs in cooperation with university experts, suppliers of agricultural technologies and also with our customers, who are able to test the new technogies and provide valuable feedback.

In addition we are currently involved to extensive research project called NAZV.


On 2012 February 3rd the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice with companies AGROSOFT Tábor, s.r.o., FARMTEC a.s. and ZD Krásná Hora nad Vltavou a.s. got financing of project nr. QJ1210144.

Name of project is Development of new information system and applied technological and organisational innovation of control system in dairy cattle breeding for empower competitive strength of breeders and increasing quality of animal products and welfare of animals. Project is a part of programme Complex sustainable systems in agriculture. This is a programme of Ministry of agriculture of the Czech Republic.

Whole project is splitted to several partial units:

  • V001 – Comprehensive system of zootechnicist evidence
  • V002 – System for monitoring of extended movement activity of cattle in relation to zootechnical practice
  • V003 – Transfer of relevant data from information systems in stable to professionals responsible for a specified part of agriculture production
  • V004 – Technical device for evaluation of limp of cattle
  • V005 – Through-way weighting system with evaluation software
  • V006 – Automatic system for control of microclima of stable objects
  • V007 – System for measuring temperature of animals body surface
  • V008 – System for control of feeding mode and monitoring of herd in stable
  • V009 – System for evidence of health problems and controlled veterinary care in herd

Project runs from 2012/4 to 2016/12.


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