prasata Software Agrosoft Prasata

Software Agrosoft Prasata is made for large as well as small pigs breeders.

Software Agrosoft Prasata offers:

  • processing of all categories of pigs breeding (gilts, sows, piglets, initial fattening, mass fattening, boars are kept individually)
  • tracking of evidence data, origin data and reproduction data of sows (gilts)
  • operative update of data (farrowing, weaning, transfers, insemination, deaths)
  • monthly turnover of herd (pieces, weight, money)
  • complete reproduction tracking, configuration of working plans, evidence of diseases
  • output to various ecomonic systems (EKOSOFT, Zeis, ZPOK, etc. …)
  • output to the Central evidence of pigs
  • keeping of Register of pigs on the farm
  • Certificate of keeping stable register of pigs

Agrosoft PrasataAgrosoft Prasata



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