vazeni Weighing

By regular weighing and data processing is possible to find out problems in nutrition (if weight of most pieces falls off) or wrong fetus development, eventually other health problems (of individual animals). That's the reason why our development team focused on design of continous weighting system and its implementation to the system of complex cattle breeding management.

Today's weighing systems works stationary. Animal is fixed, identified and weighed. This is time-consuming operation and therefore it is used minimally in dairy cows breeding. To remove described negatives of existing weighing systems, we designed the continous weighing system. Animals e.g. when leaving milking room are continously passing by weighing system, where they are identified and weighed. Obtained data are automatically transfered to the management system, where cattleman see measured weight of individual animals.

In present we are working on modification of continous weighing system either for pasture breeding.

  • Monitoring of health and condition of animals
  • Throughput
  • Accuracy
  • Possibility of integration of weighing system to selection gate

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