dojeni Milk yield measuring

For the measuring of milk yield we offer the Unipuls devices. Unipuls meter has certificate ICAR for milking speed up to 15 litres per minute. Measurement is based on very simple principle, where the milk is weighted on the flip-over mechanism and every flip-over represents 100 grams of milk. When one side of mechanism is full, it flips over and the milk is flowing out while the other side of mechanism is filling.

There is not any electronic in the measuring chamber. That ensure reliable function and extra low maintenance costs. Measuring of milk conductivity can be installed on the milk yield meter, because it is separate device. It is possible to use the control panel for two milk yield meters, what makes the purchase costs significantly lower. Entire device excel with its high operational reliability and lifetime. 

Měřič nádoje UnipulsMěřič nádoje Unipuls


Advantages of Unipuls milk yield meters:

  • milking parameters and information about milking process - milk yield, time, conductivity
  • illness blocking codes
  • blocking and selection of animals by milking house staff
  • complete informations about dairycow
  • 1 control unit for 2 stands
  • simplicity and reliability

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