vitalita Measurement of physical activity

Fertility of dairy cows is, along with the health status of the entire herd, one of the limiting factors in cattle breeding. In a manner it is possible to influence basic reproductive performance by effective detection of cow's estrus. Since the physical activity of dairy cows and heifers changes during their estrous cycle, effectivity of estrus detection is often complicated and time-consuming. That's the reason why it has been developed several devices that can the determination of proper time for animal insemination make easier for the breeder. Our company offers for breeders the pedometer EROS.

Advantages of pedometer EROS

  • it makes easier everyday checking of herd
  • it makes possible to achieve optimal fertility
  • it shortens the meantime interval
  • it improve health state of herd and reduces costs
  • it can be hung on animal's neck or leg

Technical solution

  • collection of data and its evaluation proceeds in one hour intervals
  • antenne is placed in stable or on another proper place with most often presence of herd
  • it keeps the data about physical activity of animal with 12 hours history
  • system works independently to milking room control
  • lifetime of pedometer is up to 10 years
  • it can be connected to your current PC

Graf vyhodnocení pohybové aktivity

Sample chart of evaluation of physical activity

Pedometer EROS is often delivered as a part of complex technology for the stable. 


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