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Identification of animals is one of the fundamental conditions for implementation of the system for individual animal care. It's divided into two basic types - visual and electronic. The visual identification we offer in the form of neck straps with plastic numbers. The electronic identification we offer either in the form of built-in transponder in neck strap or ear tag, or in the form of subcutaneous chip (implant).

Visual identification of animals

It's a basic way of the animal identifaction. For this type of identification we offer to breeders a neck straps with plastic numbers, which allows easy orientation in a herd and especially in a parlor

Neck straps are made of solid fabric with longterm resistance towards wearing and aggressive evironment in stable. The strap comes with staple for fixed mounting to animal's neck. The straps we offer in differnt colors and lengths. Numbers slips over the straps. These numbers are made from high quality plastic material, which resists towards aggressive environment in stable or on pasture in long term. This particular number is shown in black color, which creates with light base of identification number big contrast for easy reading even from great distance.

According to the wishes of the customer straps can be equiped with plastic nubmers either on one side, or both sides.

Identifikační čísliceKrční popruh s číslicíRůzné barvy krčních popruhů

Electronic identification of animals

Bezkontaktní identifikace TIRISFor more efficient manufacturing and technological processes in the domain of breeding livestock and at the same time to improve herds control, usage of information technologies should be helpful. Currently component parts and elements of automatic data capturing system based on systematic monitoring of animals and measurement of their selected physiological parameters already exists and they are intensly developed. To make data capturing system like that working, it's necessary to precisely and reliably identify the animal in a herd. Identification than serves not only to gain necessary informations about an animal, but also to respect their specific needs – general animal welfare. Radiofrequency contactless identification system TIRIS (Texas Instruments Registration & Identifikacion System) can be used to identify an animal. This system fullfils international standards and it provides reliable identification of an animal.

Our company offers for breeders three basic types of transponders to identify an animal:

  • subcutaneous chips intended to implant
  • transponders – chip placed in neck strap
  • ear tags – chip placed in ear tag

The automatic identification system consists of a three main parts. Those are chip, antenna and reding device. The antenna transmits radiofrequency pulses with 134 KHz frequency. If the transponder (identification chip) gets to a transmitting field of the antenna, the energy transmitted by the antenna will be recived by an antenna built-in the transponder and it'll be accumulated. Then this energy is used for transmitting of identification number saved in a memory of the transponder. Signal is received by the antenna of the reading device. In the reading device the transponder's identification number is gotten from the recived signal. 

Subcutaneous microchips (implants)

Sterilní podkožní implantáty

For the animal identification two types of TIRIS microchips are suitable by size and design. Differences are in size - 32 mm and 23 mm. Size of the microchip affects especially reading distance. For the 32 mm microchip the reading distance is up to 80 cm and for the 23 mm microchip it is up to 60 cm (of course it depends also on the type of reading aerial and reading device). In both sizes are available Read-Only (RO) and Read-Write (RW) microchips. Each RO microchip has from production its own unique identification number, which is unchangable. By the RW microchips user is able to change the identification number soever.

The implant ensure lifelong unmistakable identification of animal without possibility of visual check. In compare to products offered by competition, our microchips are stored in a package with sterile barrier without implantation needle. It enables to do any renumbering of microchip before the implantation without contamination. Implantation is executed troublefree with help of enclosed sterile packaged needle. 

Čipování prasat

In pigs, the implant is inserted just under the skin at the base of the ear.

It is possible to use the subcontaneous microchips for identification of practically any animal. It is very reliable, drop-proof and damage-proof type of identification. Disadvantages are more difficult implantation process and very difficult replacement of the implant.

Ear tags

Ušní známkyEar tag ensure replaceable unmistakable identification of animal with advantage of visual check. For the animal identification we use TIRIS products of type RO.

It is possilbe to use ear tags for cattle, pigs and other animals, e.g. sheeps. The tag is applied to animal's ear with help of speacial pliers. 

Advantages of this solution are simple installation, possibility of visual check and eventually simple replacement. But the microchip is more predisposed to loss and mechanical damage.

Transponders on the neckband

The neckband consists of strap belt, clip and ergonomical plastic case with microchip TIRIS 32 mm of type RW. Neckband is hung on animal's neck so it is not so much exposed to aggressive environment of stable and to possibilities of mechanical damage. It is also possible to hang it on the animal's leg. 

This solution is suitable only for cattle. Big advantage of this solution is simple fixation on the animal and simple replacement of the neckband. It is possible to simply add one- or two-sided visual identification to the neckband. Advantageously it is possible to combine this type of identification with the EROS pedometers, when the electronics of EROS pedometer and the identification microchip are placed together in common case on the neckband.

Identifikace v podobě transpondéru na noze

Comparsion of individual types of electronic identification

ParameterSubcutaneous microchipTransponder on the neckbandEar tag
protection against falsification high low middle
loss risk low high middle
universality for all animals unsuitable for cattle unsuitable for pigs high
application difficulty difficult simple simple
need of visual identification yes no mostly yes
removal by slaughter / death complicated simple simple
ISO compatibility yes yes yes
replacement possibility no yes yes
renumbering possibility according to type according to type according to type

Manual reader

Čtecí zařízení HND 2000Mobile reader HND 2000 (Hand Number Detector 2000) is made for basic work with TIRIS identification transponders. The device can read read-only (RO) as well as read-write (RW) transponders. The RW transponders can also be re-written by this device. 

As a part of HND 2000 it is supplied the external aerial with flexible connecting cable. This aerial makes it possible to work comfortable also with transponders placed on animals in stable or on pastures. The device is powered by built-in storage battery (accumulator). Fully charged battery endures up to 5 hours of device operation. The battery charges up with the charger which is supplied as part of the device. Charging lasts max. 12 hours. For control of the device user can choose from several languages of communication. In the basic version of the device there is Czech and English language available, further we are testing German and Russian language. These languages are supplied on demand. In case of interest we are able to implement also other language versions.

In cattle the reader is usually used only for rewriting of the microchips. In common daily use it is often replaced by mobile application. In pigs in common daily use it is used the Profi reader which can fulfil also the function of simple electronic zootechnic notepad.

Mobile application (only for cattle)

Mobile app for smartphones, PDA, tablets and other similiar devices offers access to the informations every time and everywhere. On the basis of setting the number of the animal (according to visual identification) the app connects with the database and opens the record of selected animal. You can find more informations on the page Mobile app.


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