akb Feeding

Breeder, who wants to increase profitability of his herd, should start at every single dairy cow. More than a half of milk production expenses appears on feeding. For that reason it is necessary to plan feeding expenses carefully, but also take into account the welfare of the animals. Both of these base conditions of success fully meets the system of automatic feeding boxes, which derives benefit from self-service ability of dairycows.

Automatic feeding box for cattle

The system accurately and economically batches the nutrition according to lactation stage and actual milk yield of dairycow.  All-day batch of nutrition is splitted to several particular batches so it is prevented to batch nutrition all at once, what could have negative influence on digestive process of dairycow through reduction of pH value in paunch dramatically under optimum limit.  Thus we are talking about cost-effective and suitable way of feeding. 

Characteristics of automatic feeding boxes (AKB) for dairycows

  • free-stall housing of 25-30 heads of dairycows on one feeding box
  • enables dosing of 1 or 2 types of feeding
  • batches of grain feed are automatically adapted to every single dairycow according to her individual lactation phase, pregnancy and current efficiency
  • supports production individuality of dairycow
  • individual feeding based on efficiency leads to optimization of ratio between feeding costs and feeding utilization
  • ensure increase of production with longer and more productive peak phase and stronger maximum beside lactation duration on the level of conventionally milked cows
  • possibility to use single control panel for output of two boxes

Automatické krmné boxy pro skot

Automatic feeding boxes for cattle in practical use


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