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Automatic control of stables microclimate helps to improve animal welfare. This is proportional to quality production. That is why we try to maintain the ideal climate inside the stable in all outdoor climatic conditions.

There are many factors to this "game":

  • wind
  • sun
  • season
  • day time
  • amount of light
  • orientation and shape of stable
  • number of animals
  • the amount of gases generated

There are also many mantinels in this "game":

  • ideal and limit temperature range
  • draft or maximum wind speed
  • the amount of incident light depending on the time of day
  • One value is ideal in the summer, others in winter.

There are several mechanisms available to influence the climate within the stables:

  • motorized sails
  • motor fans
  • deworming
  • automatic light

Most important, however, is the optimal design of the whole system to match "common sense", work reliably and carefree, and was tailor-made for a given stable.


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