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We do a development, production, sales, installation and service of electronical devices and software that have a goal to raise effectivity of livestock production and improve competitive strength of cattle and pigs breeder.

Tým AGROSOFTOur company is based in the Czech Republic. We are a traditional company, our history dates back to 1985. Our products are working on hundreds of farms, from small family farms to large factory farms. We operate on the markets of Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russian federation, Belarus, Poland, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.

Our products are designed universally. It can be used well on large farms but also on a small family farm. Every order we are solving individually based on breeder needs and wishes.

We develop our new products according to latest technological trends and practices. We always care about specific needs of our customers and we emphasize the long durability of our products. The development of our products is consulted with leading experts from universities and research institutes

Partnership with our customer is not ending after the order is finished. We always care about our customers. Our goal is to build the trust and achieve high customer's satisfaction

Why choose AGROSOFT?

  • We develop our technologies in cooperation with agricultural companies and with experts from universities and research institutes. It results in practical and effective products.
  • We listen to customer's suggestions/requirements and we react operatively. Our customers can talk directly with our developers.
  • In our company software and electronical devices are made under one roof. That's why the connection between all parts of the system is troublefree.
  • We can design and implement complex technical solution for breeding cattle or pigs, but we are also glad to provide partial products and services.
  • We are stable company with tradition from 1985 and promising future.
  • We have a lot satisfied customers not only in Czech Republic, but also in several other countries of Europe and Asia.

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